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  • Q Mobile Printer Printing quality is degraded. What should I do?

    Printer quality might be degraded by dust or other foreign substance. In this case, clean the printer head as below.


    ​Clean the printer head.


    1)Make sure turn off the printer power prior to cleaning.
    2)Printer head gets very hot while printer is running. So turn off the printer and wait approximately 10 minutes before cleaning.
    3)While cleaning, make sure not to touch the heated portion of the printer head.

      (Printer head could be damaged by static electricity.)
    4)Do not allow the printer head to get scratched or damaged.
    5)Clean the printer head using the alcohol moistened cotton swap 
    ​6)After cleaning the head, wait 1~2 mints until it is completely dried.


  • Q Mobile Printer How to do selftest?

    Turn off the printer and turn it back on while pressing Feed button.

  • Q Mobile Printer Printer does not turn on.

    1)Make sure the battery is fully charged
    2)Check the printer cover is completely closed.


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